Apply to Study Abroad in Malta

We offer students the opportunity to complete their study abroad experience in Malta or overseas with one of our Partner Universities. We also welcome students to Malta for their study abroad experience at the American University of Malta.

In today’s job market, having some quality international experience on your CV is without a shadow of a doubt an excellent way for students to distinguish themselves from other applicants when applying for jobs down the line.

The American University of Malta Study Abroad programs are an excellent way for students to develop themselves both personally and professionally in skills such as cross-cultural communications, networking, language development, problem solving and how to adapt comfortably when placed in a diverse setting. Kindly contact the Student Affairs Department to find out more about the AUM Study Abroad Programs.

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CESINE Centro Universitario

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Romanian–American University

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Chung-Ang University

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Seinan Gakuin University

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East China Normal University

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Ateneo de Manila University


Incoming Students

AUM welcomes visiting students to study with us for a semester or year. If your home university approves, you will be able to spend a semester in Malta and transfer credit back to your home university. Study Abroad/Visiting Students pay regular AUM tuition and fees for the semester they are here. 

Exchange Students: AUM has signed Exchange Agreements with universities around the world. If you are a student from one of our Exchange Partners we invite you to spend your exchange semester with us! Exchange students pay home university fees only.

We are excited you have chosen AUM as the place to spend your semester abroad! In order to help you prepare for your experience here, we have prepared a number of documents for you to read below. 

If you have any questions about your Exchange program you should first contact the Exchange Coordinator at your home university, and they will assist you.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Malta!


TUITION: 12-15 credits for a semester program.

VISA SUPPORT: We will assist you with obtaining a student visa for your stay in Malta (if required).

PRE-DEPARTURE INFORMATION: Once you confirm your participation in the program, we’ll send you information to help you prepare for your study adventure in Malta. We will also have an on-site orientation once you arrive to help you get to know AUM and the larger community.

AIRPORT PICK UP: If you send us your flight details in advance, a Student Affairs Team member will pick you up at the airport and take you to your housing.

FINAL TRANSCRIPT:  After the program ends, we’ll send your home university an official copy of your transcript with your final grades and credits, so that you can easily transfer the credit back to your university.

                                                                      Contact the Student Affairs Office

If you have any questions about clubs and activities, make sure to contact our student affairs team.